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Posted on: November 25, 2008 3:11 am
Giants- I am happy with the win, but as this season goes on the suspense is building so much for me.  Really at this point with how they are playing it is Super Bowl win or bust.  Either this is going to end how it "should" or there is going to be a huge letdown in the playoffs.  I think it will be the latter honestly.  It is just too hard to repeat, and when teams get hot going into the playoffs it really becomes a toss up.  With that being said a couple of more wins should lock up home field.  The biggest thing about home field for the Giants is that with the terrible cold and wind in the meadowlands in january it will be hard to pass.  With the Giants fantastic running game it would be a big benefit to have the weather be as bad as possible. 

Penn State- So despite the loss to Iowa that took PSU out of the national title game they will get to play in the Rose Bowl, which is my personal favorite bowl, and why?  Because it doesn't have a damn corporate name.  Yes, I know it has a presented by title but at least it isnt called the Chick-fil-a bowl! But anyway, I really hope that Oregon State loses because I would much rather see them play USC.  Even though the nittany lions killed OSU earlier in the season I still do not think they are that good.  It'll be great to watch them regardless of who they play. 

Devils- They seemed lost for a while, but they are playing much better.  I know their 4 recent wins were against lower-tier teams, but considering the injuries and regardless, 4 wins in a row are 4 wins in a row.  When guys like Rolston and Holik get back it will really solidify things.  Rolston will help get the PP going, and as long as Scott Clemmensen can come up with a couple of real solid games I think the Devils will be in decent shape by the time Marty comes back.  I do expect them to make the playoffs and be a threat. 

Red Sox- Not too much here because I have been way too into Football and hockey to think about offseason baseball.  I do hope they can resign Mark Kotsay, but i doubt they will.  Another starting pitcher is needed becuase keeping Justin Masterson in the pen would be a good thing.  A healthy Beckett along with Lester and Matsuzaka should be good.  I certainly expect them to contend. 

I love this time of year because college football has reached it's boiling point, college basketball has begun (although I don't really follow it until January or so) and the NFL and NHL are heating up as well.
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