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Dodgers 2008 Year in Review/ 2009 Year in Preview

Posted on: October 16, 2008 9:52 pm
Well a whirlwind 2.5 months has ended for the Dodgers and definitely not the way we fans wanted it to. The Dodgers completely lost themselves after Matt Stairs hit the cover off the ball in game 4 of the NLCS.  Many questions now stare GM Ned Colletti and owner Frank McCourt square in the face...

Question #1 - Do you give Manny the money??
Answer -- UMM YES.... The Dodgers really have no choice but to do it. There has not been this much buzz in Chavez Ravine since 1988. McMoneybags needs to go ahead and pony up the dough. This leads to.....

Question #2 - What other holes do the Dodgers have for 2009 and how can they be fixed?
Answer -  In my humble opinion, the Dodgers will lose Lowe, Penny, Furcal and Nomar to free agency. I also feel that Kent will retire. If the Dodger brass were smart, they would pay Andruw Jones to stay home. I think that they need to resign Casey Blake to maybe a 2 year deal if they can get him to take it. Also a big order of business is to resign Joe Beimel. Anytime you have a lefty out of the pen like that, you keep him.
Will they have the money to get Manny and say someone like CC Sabathia? Probably not. My solution to that is in the long run actually better.
SIgn Manny, Blake and Beimel. Then make offers to Orlando Hudson  (in case Blake wants more than we want to give), Braden Looper, Ryan Dempster, John Garland and John Lackey. In an earlier blog I stated sign Manny and K-Rod, but I just don't think we can afford both. This is a better and much more cost efficient option.

Oh... and a message to Ned Colletti, RESIGN ANGEL BERROA and just plug him in at SS and in the #8 spot in the lineup. Furcal can make the great plays, but has ALWAYS had a tendency to get wild sometimes as shown last night. Berroa is a vacuum at SS and will give you .250 to .260 from the 8 hole for about 14 million per year less than Furcal.

Pierre is asking for a trade. Do that. He will fetch us a prospect or two and free us of another 9.5 million to spend elsewhere

With the ideas I put out there this is what the Dodgers could potentially look like in 2009 ..lets assume Blake is not signed

Starting Lineup:
2B Hudson, C Martin, LF Manny, RF Ethier, 1B Loney, CF Kemp, 3B Dewitt, SS Berroa

C Ardoin, IF Ozuna, OF Repko, IF Hu and we will see after spring about the other 2 spots on the bench

Billingsley, Lackey, Kershaw, Kuroda, Looper ( plus if Schmidt is healthy , that is going to be a plus)

Wade, McDonald, Kuo, Beimel, Broxton, Saito

Obviously a spot opens if Saito decides not to come back....

All I know is that we made HUGE strides with a team that was filled with injuries all year long and Colletti and McMoneybags need to fill the holes and help the Dodgers become the class of the West again and not just win the division by defualt.

Random Thoughts:
- The Blues are still looking fantastic... I know it is early, but they SURE look like a team who WANTS to win
- KSU needs a win this weekend in Boulder or they will fall short of a bowl game. Prince is gone at season's end either way
- Rays win the World Series in 6 games
- Can someone please tell me what is going to happen with the outdoor hockey game on New Years Day in Chicago if it is not cold enough for it to really look like a hockey game??
- WIth the Cowboys in disarray, can the Rams take advantage and beat an NFC East team 2 weeks in a row?
- Do any college hoops fan notice that the Big XII is going to have a HUGE drop off this season??

More after the weekend...

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