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Cowboys/Eagles: Biggest Rivalry in the NFC East?

Posted on: September 11, 2008 11:40 pm

Some diehard Dallas Cowboys fans would say the biggest rival in the NFC East are the Washington Redskins.  That argument can be made thinking back to the old Tom Landry - George Allen fueds of the 70's.  Cowboy and Indians.  What could be better rivals than that?

But I beg to differ.  I say the "dreaded and feared" Eagles are the Cowboys top rival in the NFC East.  Eagles fans are proud and arrogant.  Just look at some of the threads started by Eagles fans, ie "All Cowboys Fans are Frauds".  That'll get the punches rolling between fans of the two teams. Cowboys fans, who will fight to the finish to defend their team, have threads like "What's it like to be an Eagles Fan"?  

Here are a few delicious trips down memory lane tht helped fuel the Cowboys/Eagels rivalry history:

  • The 1980 NFC Championship game.  It was a hard pill to swallow for Cowboys fans and even though the Cowboys went to 3 straight NFC Championship games and lost, this was the hardest to take.
  • In 1987 Tom Landry plays vets Tony Dorsett and Randy White against the Eagles replacement team saying he just "played the hand he was dealt."  A few weeks later, Randall Cunningham fakes taking a knee and throws the winning TD.  Buddy Ryan says "hey, I just played the hand I was dealt."
  • The "Bounty Bowl" game in 1989.  Jimmy Johnson accuses Buddy Ryan of offering bounties to take out Cowboys players.
  • During the 1992 season the Eagles kill the Cowboys 31 -7 in the 1st game. Eagles are smitten but the Cowboys win the next game, beat the Eagles in the playoffs and win the Superbowl.
  • The "No ! Barry No!" game when Barry Switzer went for it on 4th and 1.  The Cowboys lost the game but did win the Superbowl that year.
  • Monday Night, Sept. 1997 game when the Eagles snapper couldn't get the ball down for Chris Boniol to kick the winning field goal with 4 seconds left.  Eagles lost a game they should have won.
  • Who can forget how Eagles fans cheered and jeered as Michael Irvin lay motionless and helpless in Veteran Stadium during the 1999 season?
  • The infamous "pickle juice" game on when the Eagles obliterated the Cowboys in the heat in Texas Stadium during the 2000 season.

The Cowboys and Eagles have played 97 games in 48 years.  The Cowboys lead the series 54 - 43.  I'm sure there will be many, many more games that will forever seal the Cowboys/Eagles as one of the greatest rivalries of all time.




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Cowboys/Eagles: Biggest Rivalry in the NFC East?

This is a good rivalry, but maybe I'm just stuck on Cowboys and Indians....LOL.  Anyone remember a 0-15 Dallas team walking into RFK and getting their one and only win of the season....we'd of thought we won the SB!  Jimmy gets carried off the field and all....LOL.  To me that defines the greatest rivalry...sure it feels great to beat Philly and it stinks when we lose, but the Skins....we must never lose...LOL!   Clint Longley on T-giving....awesome! 

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Cowboys/Eagles: Biggest Rivalry in the NFC East?

The Eagles don't have the superbowl armor that the Cowboys have - to their credit -- that said historically over the last several years ( incuding 2010 so far ) the Eagles are a better team over time --

It's easy to hate Dallas - you have all the ingredients -- arrogant fans displaced over the US ( The media is responsible for that over the decades making the Dallas game everyone's game 2 to view )

Texas itself is dislikable -- big, ugly state, been there twice and the best I can say is it looks best in my rear view mirror

The swagger, the "Switzer / Jimmy Johnson" we're better than you BS -- easy to hate Dallas -- easy to love spanking them when they come here ( to Philly ) and sending them and their fans home like the babies they truly are.

Cowboy fans see a star on the side of the helmet - most of the rest of this country sees a great dislike for a franchise that carries itself like a bunch of jerks.

You'll be in Philly soon, prepare to get your butt kicked back to the Loser Star State.

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Cowboys/Eagles: Biggest Rivalry in the NFC East?

Wow, that is some family rivalry huh?  That was awful sweet of you to get her that game ball.  Not sure if i could have gon that far though, lol.  Looking at would bring back too many bad memories!  My despising order of the NFC East: Eagles, Redskins, Giants.

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Cowboys/Eagles: Biggest Rivalry in the NFC East?

The 2004 season was winding down and as always my wife and I sat down to watch the Cowboys and Eagles play their last game of the season. The Eagles could clinch the NFC East with a win and the Cowboys were not going anywhere. I love her to this day but she had one flaw, she was an Eagles fan. I have been a Cowboys fan all my life. What was I thinking, you ask. I know but the rest of her was shear perfection. I digress though. The Eagles won the game and clinched the East. They went on to lose in the Super Bowl to the Patriots. Now, three years later, the game ball still sits in my home. She got her for Christmas that year. It is the center piece in her office.

You are so right, the Eagles have to be the great rivalry of the Cowboys. Man I despise that team.

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